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Zoom on Geographical Targeting For Poverty Alleviation: Methodology And Applications.

Geographical Targeting For Poverty Alleviation: Methodology And Applications.

Publisher : United Nations
Publisher (arabic) : ألامم ألمتحدة
Author :
Author (arabic) :
Translator :
Translator (arabic) :
Description : Subject: Poverty, Geographical Targeting, Poverty Reduction, cost effectiveness and benefits, geographical information systems, how to organize data, standard of living. Language: EN, Region: World, Classification: This Book Examines Different Ways In Which Public Resources Can Be More Cost Effectively Used For Poverty Reduction. It Draws On Geographic Information Systems Techniques To Target Small Geographical Areas And To Reach The Poor At Significa

60.00 $

Quantity :

Book code : 24286
Subject : Poverty
Subject (arabic) : ألفقر
Dimensions :
Weight : 0
Publication year : 10/26/2000
Publication place :
Edition number :
Volume number :
Number of volume :
Cover type :
Paper type :
Pages : 450
Dewey code :
ISBN code :
DBCode : 16203

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